Bruce Gagnier at Thomas Park Gallery NYC

Bruce Gagnier exhibit at Thomas Park Gallery and New York Studio School Gallery NYC. Discussion with Garth Evans, Jock Ireland, Brandt Junceau (video by Maud Bryt).

If you’re a figurative sculptor, if you’re making figures and you’re a sculptor, the issue has to be—one of the issues has to be—it seems to me—you’re in THE tradition, IN very much—and is your work being drowned by that tradition, or can it somehow rise above it, extend it, renew it, make you see it differently, give it a new, you know—that’s the ultimate question. –Garth Evans

It seems to me one of the thrills in this work is that you have the sensation of a guy who’s running totally at liberty within tradition. He’s completely free inside—doing what he likes. You know that he has it, and that it’s just weightless to him. No burden. –Brandt Junceau

I wouldn’t say they’re not “self-portraits.” A lot of Bruce goes into these things, but they’re not sort of finished until they’re NOT Bruce: it’s somebody, a sort of complete “other” person. –Jock Ireland

Like a written character. –Brandt Junceau

“Madame Bovary, c’est moi.” –Jock Ireland

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