Sarah Sze at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery NYC

Sarah Sze October 10 2019 Exhibit at Tanya Bonadkar Gallery NYC. Participants Garth Evans, Jock Ireland, Brandt Junceau (video by Maud Bryt).

I don’t think there’s a decisive move from sculpture to painting but it was the paintings that startled me. I thought of the Leonardo painting, the Saint Jerome, up at the Met. It’s an unfinished painting. –Jock Ireland

I think the Leonardo connection is apt. I think the [Sarah Sze] show is really a kind of extension of painting. The question of finish in [Leonardo’s] work: he’s basically set himself an impossible task—and he’s willing to try it again and again. In the [Sarah Sze] installations, I have no feeling of unfinish. –Brandt Junceau

I was going to resist this association with Leonardo, but you’ve obliged me to remember. . . –Garth Evans

I got it in the upstairs installation. I could both see the nightmare, and the sheer kind of manic kind of pleasure. –Garth Evans

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