To Speak of Everything: The Art of Raymond Mason at New York Studio School, NYC

Recorded February 3, 2023

Led by Garth Evans, Sculptors Bruce Gagnier, Jock Ireland, Garth, and Brandt Junceau discuss the exhibit and Raymond Mason’s work in general. See what you think, and then please add your comments below to join the discussion. (Video and edit by Maud Bryt)

2 thoughts on “To Speak of Everything: The Art of Raymond Mason at New York Studio School, NYC

  1. Bravo Jock Ireland for holding your ground tenaciously! And we don’t need anyone’s, including Bonnefoy’s, permission to state the (to some of us) obvious: Raymond Mason was ambitious for sculpture (not so much for himself, since he clearly bucked his period and his peers) and he usually succeeded fabulously – sculpting figures, groups, landscape, and city, providing narrative, drama, a sense of the history of sculpture and its placement. And that’s before we even discuss color. He makes scenes that relate to medieval church narratives, Renaissance perspectival reliefs, the Burghers, and the like – and in a church he puts vegetables!

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  2. Thank you to the speakers and Sculpture Forum for this sensitive discussion of Mason’s work. We have been delighted to see that the show generates interest and appreciated the constructive contrasts you built around differing views.

    With regards to a sense of “missing” the larger works here, we agree! It would have been great to connect the sketches with the final works. The other edition of The Crowd is in Mount Kisco, NY, as part of The William Louis-Dreyfus Foundation. Also in the WLD Foundation art collection are Mason’s important sculptures The Falling Man, The Departure of Fruit and Vegetables from the Heart of Paris and A Tragedy in the North. Logistics and space restrictions prevented us from having them at the NYSS exhibition, but we invite you to come to Mount Kisco to see the full Mason picture. We are open year-round by appointment and would welcome Sculpture Forum anytime!

    Mary Anne Costello and Christina Kee

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