Anne Chu at White Columns, NYC: A Video Essay

Recorded April 2022. Sculptor Jock Ireland seeks understanding of the work of Anne Chu in the context of her recent show at White Columns, NYC, the first exhibition since the 2016 posthumous presentation at Anglim Gilbert Gallery, San Francisco.

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3 thoughts on “Anne Chu at White Columns, NYC: A Video Essay

  1. Really good to listen to this and think about this Jock. And especially to hear the addendum after your reading of To the Lighthouse.

    It’s been 30 or more years since I read it but I do agree there is a connection, and your words seem to get to this well, what’s observed being a mix of inner events and outer events, the outer seemingly non-descript and unimportant, previously overlooked , but in The mind of Virginia Woolf are the main event. And at that, an event that maybe can’t be explained or understood from distance, as a fait accompli, but has to be experienced , maybe many times, without ever yielding a separate conclusion. The vehicle via which this takes place, in the hands of Chu or even, as you said, Raymond mason, presented as comic, in the way such an observation might find a voice under the pen of the Greek poets or Shakespeare.


  2. thanks Jock–very interesting show and comments by you–we took Lee Tribe’s virtual class together in Sept. Your comments always helpful to me–Barbara Zapatka

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