Lee Tribe’s “East 2”: A studio visit

Sculpture Forum 10: Lee Tribe’s “East 2”: A Studio Visit, May 22, 2020. With a mask on and keeping some distance, we get a look at one sculpture in Lee Tribe’s new “East” series and hear about some of his influences and methods. Video by Maud Bryt. (To make a comment on this post, please go to “Leave a Reply” area below, write comment, and then click “Post”. There is no need to enter your email or sign in to WordPress. Thank you!)

8 thoughts on “Lee Tribe’s “East 2”: A studio visit

  1. Maud Bryt, on behalf of my husband, Lee Tribe and myself, thank you for this outstanding video of Lee talking about his work. This video packs in a lot in a short amount of time. Lee was very natural and even I learned things about his process.
    You knew when to stop the camera for sustained periods and also when to rotate or pan about the sculptures in a way that was poetic and really did justice to the pieces. I LOVE the shot of Lee with “East” where they are both silhouetted and appear to be roughly equal in size along with the powerful negative space you managed to capture between them. That shot was an eye opener to me and made me see more than ever what a gorgeous silhouette “East” has and while revealing its Japanese influence. I also loved seeing “East” appear life size, even though it is actually a lot smaller than Lee.
    The barn is still raw but you managed to reproduce even some of the magic of its interior space.
    You did a fabulous job!!!

    Stephanie Franks

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