2 thoughts on “Garth Evans on images of sculpture, from an email exchange with Jock Ireland and Brandt Junceau.

  1. On the subject of “images of sculpture”, I agree 100% with the statement, but I think it becomes more interesting when you compare photography in general with sculpture. About 15 years ago I did a diploma in the History of Art. Sculpture was only a small part of the programme and it didn’t interest me, mainly because I didn’t understand it, but now I know it was also because I thought of it visually. 3 years ago I completed an MFA in Photography and by that time had a much greater appreciation of fine art. It was photography that led to my greater awareness of space and time, and whilst a still image says a lot about that in a certain way, I have become mesmerised by sculpture for precisely the reasons Gareth talks about – being able to touch and move around the work. It exists. It is real. I specifically recall experiencing Barbara Hepworth’s Divided Circle at Downing College in Cambridge. It was like being inside an Escher drawing! Now, I am focusing on producing sculptures, but photographing the process.

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