Rachel Harrison at Whitney Museum of American Art, New York

December 11, 2019

Sculpture Forum 5 “Rachel Harrison: Life Hack” October 25, 2019 – January 12, 2020 at Whitney Museum of American Art NYC December 11 2019 Participants Garth Evans, Jock Ireland, Brandt Junceau, and Rachael Bohlander (video and edit by Maud Bryt). Here are some excerpts from the discussion:

I really don’t want to begin this discussion. –Garth Evans

I don’t have a 25 word or less response to her show. –Jock Ireland

This was the third time I’ve been to see the show. –Rachael Bohlander

Maybe an essential character in this artist/this work is a critic. . . In the drawings—which I was really knocked out by—I thought to myself, if I were drawing like this, I’d find it hard to take the time to make an object. –Brandt Junceau

There were some early works that seemed to me personal and to have a kind of intimacy with the author speaking to herself and at the same time to the larger culture. –Garth Evans

There was a claim to a kind of urgency in the way that things were kind of roughly made and roughly put together, a claim to a kind of spontaneity and need to do it quickly, a need to get it out there—but somehow or other I could not honestly say it mattered to me. –Garth Evans

Sometimes I don’t think there was anything being said. I think she used the vacuum cleaner because it worked with the made structure she had. –Rachael Bohlander

This kind of work is playing with that expectation of what does it mean?—and I find myself having an issue with that because the purpose, for me, of what we’re doing is to keep the mystery present. –Garth Evans

It’s deliberately contrived on her part because she has a way of delivering a kind of contingency that’s—not to say painted on or applied—however secure the thing is physically and formally, I don’t think she’s willing to turn it over to us until a certain level of contingency has asserted itself. –Brandt Junceau

I want to raise a flag for conviction. –Garth Evans

I’ll go see it a fourth time. –Rachael Bohlander

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