Sculpture Forum; confronting sculpture.

I have launched this project because I feel that there is a need for it, a hunger even. It is a simple concept; small groups, led by a sculptor, confronting sculptures and articulating the thoughts, feelings, ideas and associations that the works provoke. These conversations will take place in museums, galleries, studios and in front of public works. The ensuing discussion is video taped and made public in such a way that others can respond, extending the exchange. Most of the arts have well-established mechanisms through which the meaning and significance of a particular work is forged yet, too often, sculpture is dealt with as an adjunct to painting. This project aims to give sculptors themselves a place to disclose how they look at sculptures, and along with educators, critics and others, to share how they engage with them and what they consider valuable about them.

–Garth Evans, 2018

Garth Evans at the Pilot discussion about Manuel Neri exhibit at Yale University Art Gallery

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