Sculpture, Language of the Dead

by Choghakate Kazarian. “Poetry, music, architecture, like ancient languages, have been translated into new idioms, by clinging to life. Only sculpture has remained immobile across the centuries, a courtly language, the language of the liturgy, a symbolic writing, incapable of making its mark on daily acts” and “sculpture has remained what it is, a dead … Continue reading Sculpture, Language of the Dead

Case Study

By Karen Wilkin. In 2010, in Anthony Caro’s London studio, I fell in love with a massive table sculpture, a chunky, four-square cast iron and steel construction, with a recessed rectangular center and an emphatic horizontal bar, that cascaded over the edge of its support in shallow steps. At once architectural, confrontational, and like nothing … Continue reading Case Study

Abstract Sculpture

Participants: Garth Evans, Jock Ireland, Brandt Junceau Jock Ireland: I suggested we read Tim Scott’s Abcrit essay on abstract sculpture: I must say the discussion that resulted was NOT what I expected—but it’s a good start. There are many British sculptors on both sides of the Atlantic whose work rewards attention. Readers/listeners might want to … Continue reading Abstract Sculpture

Eakins and O’Donovan at Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, NY Sculpture Forum 9: Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch at Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, NY, May 1, 2020 Sculptor Brandt Junceau talks about the arch, based on his memory of it and new video footage of the memorial. (Video by Maud Bryt) (To make a comment on this post, please go to "Leave a Reply" … Continue reading Eakins and O’Donovan at Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, NY

Donald Judd at Museum of Modern Art, New York photo by Garth Evans before MoMA closed Sculpture Forum 8: "Judd" Donald Judd at Museum of Modern Art New York opens April 23 2020 online. Participants: Garth Evans, Brandt Junceau, Jock Ireland, Karen Wilkin (video by Maud Bryt from internet recorded video/audio and photos from MoMA, Chinati Foundation and Judd Foundation). During this stay-home … Continue reading Donald Judd at Museum of Modern Art, New York